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Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

The Cambridge EPD on CD-ROM

Books Name : The Cambridge EPD
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Type : CD-ROM
File Size : 385 MB

The rule of Cambridge English Dictionary is the ultimate guide to the pronunciation in English. Thousands ruling does not appear in general dictionaries are included, of people and places, to words from the science, technology and literature. Based on the classic work by Daniel Jones, the 17th edition has been edited by three of the most prominent scholars phonetics work today.

Now more than ever, the 17th edition includes:
• NEW! Up-to-date data including general vocabulary and people and places in the news (such as cybercrime, Condoleezza, Darfur, SARS, weblog)
• 200 information panels that explain phonetics terminology and the relationship between spelling and sound
• NEW! Popular study pages help with common areas
• Clear, accessible layout with inputs 80000 and 220000 British and North American pronunciation using the International Phonetic Alphabet

The CD-ROM contains the entire paper dictionary plus:
• NEW! Spoken North American pronunciation as well as the British pronunciation for every word Â-no need to understand phonetics to the information you need!
• You can create your own voice and listen back
• Interactive pronunciation exercises
• Search phonetic alphabet or symbols

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4

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