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Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

The Cambridge Guide to English Usage

Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : ISBN 052162181X
Year : 2004
File size : 3 MB PDF
Pages : 621 pages

The The Cambridge Guide to English Usage Books providing an indispensable new AZ reference to English usage for the twenty-first century, this guide covers more than 3000 points meaning of a word, spelling, punctuation, grammar and style that students, teachers, writers and publishers regularly guidance. This Books also addresses the larger issues of inclusive language, and effective writing and argument, and provides guidance for the grammatical terminology. Based on major international corpora, it is clear distinction between the American, British, Canadian and Australian use and provides up-to-date, objective advice presented in readable, accessible terms. Pam Peters is a professor of Linguistics at Macquarie University, where she also serves as director of Macquarie University's Dictionary Research Center. He is the author of several books on the use of English, including Cambridge Australian English Style Guide (Cambridge, 1995).

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