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Rabu, 04 Juni 2008

The Semantics of English Prepositions

Books Name : The Semantics of English Prepositions: Spatial Scenes, Embodied Meaning, and Cognition
Publisher : Cambridge University Press (29 november 2007)
ISBN : 0521044634
Pages : 266 pages
File size : 1.4 Mb PDF

The Semantics of English Prepositions using a cognitive linguistics perspective, this work provides the most comprehensive, theoretical analysis of the semantics of English prepositions. All English prepositions were originally tagged as spatial relationships between two physical entities. By maintaining their original meaning, prepositions also have an extensive set of non-spatial significance. Andrea Tyler and Vyvyan Evans said that all meanings are systematically linked to a series of cognitive principles, stress the importance of the human experience with the world as the basis for the lexical meaning.

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