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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Coal Gasification Engineer

Plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain structures
and equipment utilized in the process of extracting
coal by a coal gasification process

Alternate Title(s):Process Engineer

Salary Range US: $40,000 to $95,000 or more
Salary Range Indo:

Employment Prospects: Poor

Education or Training—Bachelor of Science degree
in mechanical engineering technology, electrical engineering
technology, or mining engineering technology
required; a master’s degree in one of these three and/or
chemical engineering is often also necessary; a Ph.D. in
either mining engineering or environment management
is recommended
Experience—10 or more years experience in the coal
mining and energy business is a necessity
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Basic knowledge
of engineering procedures and techniques; capable
of being a team player but also accepting personal
responsibility; excellent communication and interpersonal
abilities, including outstanding presentation skills;
fundamental understanding of coal mining, hydrodynamics,
geology, and process engineering; good analytical
skills and high attention to detail; proven ability in problem
solving and project management
Special Requirements—Licensure as a Professional
Engineer is a requirement

Tips for Entry :
1. While earning your bachelor’s degree in electrical,
mechanical, or mining engineering, take courses in
chemistry and even consider an advanced degree in
chemical engineering.
2. Search for paying or nonpaying internships, fellowships,
and co-op industry work in the coal-mining
field to gain firsthand experience in the business.
3. Consider working in the hazardous waste treatment
industry and/or project engineering in oil or gas refineries
and chemical plants to broaden your background
in environmental and process engineering.


Entry = Mining Engineer
Middle = Coal Gasification Engineer / Process Engineer
Top = General Manager

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