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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Mine Inspectors And Senior Supervisors

Fire Boss: responsible for monitoring the mine
for dangers;
First-Line Supervisor: direct and coordinate activities
of mechanics, repairers, coal extractive workers and their
Mine Inspector: inspect mines for compliance with
contractual agreements and with health/safety laws;
Mine Superintendent: oversee all activities of
personnel engaged in extracting coal from underground
or surface mines;
Mine Supervisor: direct and coordinate the activities
of mid-level mine supervisors

Salary Range US: $30,000 to $90,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Poor to Fair

Alternate Title(s):Fire Boss: Assistant Mine Foreman,
Mine Examiner; First-Line Supervisor: Mid-Level
Supervisor/Manager; Mine Inspector: Check Viewer,
Coal-Mine Inspector, Safety Inspector; Mine Superintendent:
Colliery Superintendent; Mine Supervisor: General

Education or Training—Bachelor of Science degree in
one of the physical sciences required for most mid-level
supervisory positions; a master’s degree in engineering,
preferably mining, or business administration (if a bachelor’s
degree in engineering is already earned) desirable
for higher level management positions
Experience—Four to eight years or more of experience
in supervision of mining activities; knowledge of environmental
regulatory laws and procedures and a strong
natural science background
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Fire Boss and
Mine Inspector: attention to detail, good instructional
and investigative skills; Supervisors and Superintendent:
excellent leadership and supervisory talents, problemsolving
and good communication skills, skillful negotiator
and mediator
Special Requirements—State licensing and certification
necessary in all positions; professional engineer certification
required for top-level supervisory posts

Tips for Entry :
1. While obtaining your science or engineering degree
(bachelor or associate), take business management
courses as they will provide you with skills you will
need as you advance your career into the management
side of the coal mining industry.
2. Take psychology and/or sociology courses as well, to
give you insights into how to persuadeand supervise
other individuals.
3. While working in mines, keep current with technological
advances in mine safety and techniques and keep
your computer skills up to date, as this knowledge
will be a key part of your Duty as a mine supervisor.


Entry = Other Mine Supervisor Positions
Middle = Fire Boss, Mine Inspector; Mine Superintendent, Mine Supervisor
Top = Mine Safety Engineer; Mine Supervisor, Mine Superintendent; Vice President of Mining Operations

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