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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Geologist

Applying the principles and practices of geology,
locate and identify potential coal beds and aid in their
development and the extraction of the coal

Alternate Title(s):Geophysicist; Geoscientist; Geotechnical
Mining Engineer; Mine Engineer/Geologist

Salary Range US: $37,000 to $95,000 or more
Salary Range Indo:

Employment Prospects: Fair to Good

Education or Training—A bachelor’s degree in geology,
geotechnical engineering, or mining engineering
is a basic requirement. In addition, a master’s degree in
geology, earth science, or environmental engineering is
the typical minimum educational requirement for most
entry-level research geologists in private industry.
Experience—Two to four or more years in the mining
industry with increasing responsibility in geological task
management and some field experience
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Ability to multitask,
prioritize, and meet deadlines; capable of complex
analytical thinking and spatial visualization; excellent
interpersonal skills; good written and verbal communication
abilities; mathematics and computer proficiency;
team player but able to work with little supervision\
Special Requirements—Most states require a state
license as a practicing geologist

Tips for Entry :
1. As a geology student, spend your summers living/
working under field conditions with faculty members
to gain practical experience, as well as gain extra college
2. Internships with geological consulting firms are
another good source for hands-on involvement with
geologic and geoscientific practices/procedures.
3. Perfect your computer skills, as those students who
have proficiency with computer modeling, data analysis
and integration, digital mapping, remote sensing,
and geographic information systems will be best prepared
for entering the job market for Geologists.


Entry = College Graduate; Geologist-in-Training
Middle = Geologist
Top = Consultant; Project Manager

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