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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Line Installer And Repairer

Install, test, and repair cables or wires used in electrical
power of distribution systems, and erect poles and
light- or heavy-duty transmission towers

Alternate Title(s):Electrical Line Worker; Line Erector;
Lineman; Line Mechanic; Power Line Worker; Power

Salary Range US: $27,000 to $65,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Poor

Education or Training—High school diploma minimum
requirement; technical knowledge of electricity or
electronics obtained through vocational/technical programs
usually a must
Experience—Some hands-on power line field work in
vocational programs necessary, though most Line Installers
and Repairers train on the job

Special Skills and Personality Traits—Ability to lift
heavy objects and to climb; unafraid of heights; basic
knowledge of algebra and trigonometry; capable of near
vision and being able to distinguish colors; excellent
mechanical ability; exemplary customer service and
interpersonal skills; good oral comprehension and communication;
manual dexterity and multi-limb coordination;
satisfactory driving record

Tips for Entry :
1. During high school (and any further vocational studies),
be sure to include basic courses in algebra and
trigonometry, as these skills will be essential to your
2. Spend time using your hands to handle, control, or feel
objects (both large and small), tools, or controls to test
your manual dexterity and improve it if necessary.
3. Be sure you have a good driving record and are experienced
in driving vans or light trucks, as electrical
Line Installers and Repairers are frequently required
to hold commercial driver’s licenses and operate company-
owned vehicles.


Entry = High School Graduate
Middle = Line Installer and Repairer
Top = Manual Labor Supervisor

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