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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Marketing Manager

Directing and coordinating marketing of financial
services; may oversee marketing activities for a customer-
specific product group

Alternate Title(s):Marketing Director, Marketing Officer

Salary Range US: $46,650 to $79,681
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Good

Education or Training—Four-year college degree
with courses in business administration and marketing;
M.B.A. or graduate degree helpful
Experience—Five to eight years of financial industry
knowledge and experience
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Excellent communication,
organizational, and leadership skills; ability
to interpret and analyze market research data; detailed
working knowledge of banking products and services, as
well as state and federal regulations dealing with financial
product marketing

Tips for Entry :
1. In college, try to get a broad business background in
marketing, communications, and media courses.
2. Try placing yourself in the hands of the consumer.
Ask yourself, “Would someone buy this product?”
3. Develop a curious mind. Build a file of case studies of
marketing campaigns to learn what worked and what
didn’t work.
4. For insights into career networking and internships,
check out Web sites of industry associations and
major employers. The ABA Marketing Network’s
Web site ( offers
career information and links to resources for individuals
interested in a career in bank marketing.
5. Attend local chapter meetings of the Bank Marketing
Association to take advantage of networking opportunities
with industry professionals.


Entry = Marketing Officer
Middle = Marketing Manager
Top = Divisional Manager

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