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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Machine Operators

Continuous Mining Machine Operator: operate
a self-propelled mining machine that mines ore from
the coal face and loads it onto conveyors in a continuous
Cutter Operator: operate a coal-cutting machine;
Dragline Operator: operate an overburden
stripping machine that scoops the earth away in surface
mines to expose coal;
Drilling Machine Operator: operate a mobile drilling
machine to drill blastholes in underground mine or in face
of strip coal mine;
Loading Machine Operator: operate loading machines
to load coal into shuttle or mine cars or onto conveyors;
Longwall Machine Operator: operate equipment to
shear coal from the long-wall face in an underground mine;
Rock Dusting Machine Operator: operate a machine that distributes
rock dust over the interior surfaces of a coal mine to prevent
coal dust explosions;
Shortwall Coal Cutter Operator: control a machine to undercut
coal in small areas

Salary Range US: $30,000 to $65,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Poor to Fair

Alternate Title(s):Continuous Mining Machine Operator:
None; Cutter Operator: Cutting Machine Operator, Holer,
Machineman, Undercutter; Dragline Operator: Overburden
Stripping Operator; Drilling Machine Operator:
Coal Driller, Driller Operator, Horizontal-Drill Operator,
Rotary-Drill Operator; Loading Machine Operator:
Machine Loader, Mechanical-Shovel Operator, Mucking-
Machine Operator; Longwall Machine Operator:
Longwall Miner, Longwall Shear Operator, Longwall
Mining Machine Tender; Rock Dusting Machine Operator:
Rock-Dust Man, Rock-Dust Sprayer, Rock Duster

Education or Training—High school diploma required;
some training in mine procedures and safety necessary, as
well as specialized training in specific machine operations
Experience—One to three years as an apprentice helper
to a seasoned machine operator
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Excellent communication
and interpersonal skills; good vision and
manual dexterity; mechanical abilities; physically fit;
precision in movements and work; some technical experience
and aptitude with machinery
Special Requirements—Certificate of competency from
a Miners’ Examining Board usually required

Tips for Entry :
1. In high school, add courses in first aid, as well as
health and safety, as you will need this basic knowledge
to understand better the health and safety requirements
of the coal mining industry.
2. Investigate vocational programs offered at your high
school that might be useful to you in your future mining
career, and consider junior college or technical
school programs in mine technology.
3. Explore possible summer jobs or internships in industry
or factories where you can expand your mechanical
interests and abilities and/or gain some experience
in working with machinery.


Entry = Mine Helper-Apprentice
Middle = Machine Operators
Top = Mine Health and Safety Inspectors; Mine Supervisory Positions

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