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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Mechanical, Structural, And Electrical Engineers

Duty :
Mechanical Engineer: monitor and supervise areas
involving heat transfer and fluid flow in a power plant
facility; Structural Engineer: ensure the physical integrity
of the power plant structures; Electrical Engineer:
oversee the routing of electric power in a power plant
to all of its components and supervise the conversion of
energy to electric power

Alternate Title(s):None

Salary Range US: $40,000 to $95,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Fair

Education or Training—Bachelor of Science degree
in mechanical, civil, or electrical engineering; master’s
degree in engineering recommended
Experience—Four to seven years background in electric
power industry and two to three years work experience
with power plants
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Mechanical
Engineer: ability to interpret building, mechanical, state,
and local safety codes; analytical talent; computer literate
and particularly proficient with word processing
and spreadsheet software; excellent verbal and written
communication skills; flexible and self-directed; strong
interpersonal aptitude and capacity to function well as
a team member; Structural Engineer: Ability to identify,
analyze, and solve problems; proficiency with computeraided
design (CAD) techniques and knowledgeable about
other applicable engineering software; capable of being a
group player but also of operating without supervision;
excellent oral and written communication talents, with
special emphasis on technical writing abilities; practical
and creative; Electrical Engineer: Ability to work independently,
but also work cooperatively in a team environment;
excellent technical training, speaking, and writing
skills; good computer know-how and working knowledge
of electrical systems testing and analysis software
Special Requirements—Certification as a licensed Professional
Engineer is required of all engineers working
in a power plant; power plant security
clearance necessary

Tips for Entry :
1. As a Mechanical Engineer, in your computer work
become familiar with advanced development software,
such as C++, as well as analytical and scientific software
and computer-aided design (CAD) programs.
2. Civil engineers earning a civil engineering degree
should consider joining a student chapter, where
they can participate in many activities that allow them
to develop professionally outside of the classroom.
They should also look into cooperative education and
work-study programs that allow them to earn tuition
by attending classes for a portion of the year and working
in an engineering-related job for the remainder of
the year.
3. For students working on their degree in electrical
engineering, participation in an engineering internship
at an electric power plant while in college is a great
way to apply classroom learning to an actual work
situation. It also allows them to build skills and make
contacts with people working in the field of electrical
engineering as applied to the energy industry.


Entry = Engineering Technician
Middle = Mechanical, Structural, and Electrical Engineers
Top = Senior Plant Operations Manager

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