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Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Paper Research The Impact of the Information Technology Development

The Impact of the Information Technology Development for Our Country’s Economy Aspect

The development of information technology has influenced the spreading and providing the data and knowledge. There has been born an unreal world with unlimited information and continually easily to mastered by human. This development bears a new generation called “The Net-Generation” or “N-Gen’. how about the impact of this new technology to the learning process of the net-generation?
Don Trapscott stated that at the heart of N-Gen culture is interactivity. Human today increasingly are participants not viewers. They are incited to discourse (44-72).

This statement means that the learners have to be active. Using television, human just can be the viewers and the discovering the net as server the learners become roamer. The television needs to our ability to watch and the web restrict our ability in reading and watching. So, the good impacts from the N-Gen are learners more active and easier to get the information to support their study.
Are the changes bring the good effect for us? Unlike it. Every change will appear some impacts.
Ray Kurzweil predicted the fasting development of computer technology will overshadow of human intelligence at the end of 21st century (261-280).
Ray’s prediction is not impossible will happened in the future. It will be either good or bad effect for us. We have to remember that what will happened to the future depends on our effort to use it.
The role of knowledge and the development of information technology bring the development of our economy.
Lester C. Thurow said that knowledge becomes the key of power shift change the money power and muscle power in the modern life (118).
It shows that knowledge will determine the power of economy and education. The development of information technology impacts of the development of knowledge. Of course with a good and high knowledge, we can increase some aspects in our country, including in economy aspect. It is possible that our economy can be recovered.
To increase our economy, we also need skills besides knowledge. Both of them will give us comparative advantage to face the economy battle among the countries.
Gary S. Becker stated that human capital analysis assumes that schooling raise earning and productivity mainly by providing knowledge, skills, and a way of analyzing problems (19).
Here, we know that either knowledge and skills are the main components to increasing our economy. Surely, the increasing of economy determines the growth of technology.
Now, it is time for us to develop our technology. Something that be done faster will give the result faster. It means that if we get information early, we can do our duty soon and we will get the result soon. It is our obligation to increase our knowledge and development all the aspects of our country.


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