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Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Job and Salary of Power Plant Operator

Control and operate a range of machinery and
instruments used for electric power generation, often
through the use of panel boards, control boards, or semiautomatic

Alternate Title:Control Room Operator; Generating Station
Operator; Power Generation Plant Operator; Power
Station Operator; Power System Operator

Salary Range US: $30,000 to $70,000 or more
Salary Range Indo: -

Employment Prospects: Poor


Education or Training—High school degree minimum
requirement; often college-level courses, if not a bachelor’s
degree, have become necessary in a competitive
Experience—Prior experience in a mechanical or technical
job a necessity, as well as computer proficiency; several
years of training and experience are required before
becoming a fully qualified power plant operator
Special Skills and Personality Traits—Able to accept
responsibility, make appropriate decisions, and prioritize
and handle multiple tasks and projects concurrently;
effective oral and written communication skills; excellent
mechanical abilities and manual dexterity; good
analytical and problem-solving skills; logical and thorough
approach to work; perceptual speed (the ability to
quickly and accurately compare similarities and differences
between things) and near vision (the ability to see
details at close range); physically fit

Tips for Entry :
1. In school, study mathematics, including arithmetic,
algebra, calculus, and geometry, as well as statistics,
and their applications.
2. Take an apprentice position (or a summer job) in
a tool shop, preferably one dealing with electronic
equipment, so you become familiar with machines and
tools, including their uses, maintenance, and repair.
3. Practice inspecting equipment, materials, and structures
to identify the cause of errors or defects, and use
your hands and arms in handling, installing, positioning,
moving materials, and manipulating objects, as
these are abilities you must have for this position.

Entry = High School or College Graduate; Mechanical Technician
Middle = Power Plant Operator
Top = Power Plant Supervisor; Shift Supervisor

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